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HTML5 95%
CSS3 87%
JavaScript 80%
PHP 80%
WordPress 95%
Elementor 97%
SEO 85%
Speed optimization 90%
Social Media Marketing 87%
Google ADS 83%
Adobe Photoshop 83%

First name: Hamza

Last name: Karčić

Birthdate: 12.02.1998

Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

Hi, I am Web Developer, Digital marketing manager, Information technology student, and most important an IT lover. I have over 5 years of experience in WordPress. My hobby is making websites with Elementor Page Builder. My motto is to learn something new every day and I enjoy making my clients happy.

Empress Herbal

Full website creation with e-shop integration for the USA client. Also, I made an Instagram shop from the Woocommerce catalog. Made with ❤.

Fiverr work

HTML5/CSS3 web page to Elementor PRO template. 

Apartments Kastelani

I set up the translatepress plugin and translated the website from the Croatian language to English.

Mobile application

Adobe XD design to Elementor PRO. Example of the mobile application website.


Converting Figma website design to Elementor PRO template.

Explorer Tours

Fiverr work for a client from United Arab Emirates. Took me 3 days to convert 4 HTML5 web pages to an Elementor website.


The task to complete the home page is completed within 24 hours.

MIG d.o.o.

Design from scratch. Development and maintenance for Bosnian company MIG d.o.o.

Triathlon Association in BiH

Design from scratch and according to the wishes of the Client. Development and maintenance. A big site for Triathlon Competition in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Eko Selo Boračko jezero d.o.o.

Design from scratch and according to the wishes of the Client. Development and maintenance. One of the most famous Eco Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Digi Ideas

Shop of digital services. Currently, the website is off because of pandemic reasons.

Eko Selo Boračko jezero d.o.o.

Social media manager of Eco Village.

Triathlon Association in BiH

Social media manager of Triathlon Association.